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We develop and employ data-driven technologies and tools, catering critical information from hard-to-reach regions as crises unfold and support organisations to respond through accountable and evidence-based emergency programming.

AQLITY combines hands-on fieldwork in the most hard-to-reach areas of countries affected by conflicts or natural disasters with data-driven technologies and tools to improve the efficiency and quality of humanitarian assistance. 


We believe that improved coordination among the humanitarian actors on the ground and a continued emphasis on locally led and owned humanitarian response is indispensable for sustainable and timely delivery of life-saving assistance in the perpetually changing humanitarian landscape. 


AQLITY has the potential to revolutionise the delivery of humanitarian aid in hard-to-reach areas.

We prompt humanitarian actors to deliver aid in more agile, accountable and quality manner. 


AQLITY's main purpose is to build resilience in conflict and crisis-affected communities and enhance the impact of humanitarian assistance. 


We believe that this can be achieved by empowering local actors and improving and strengthening inclusive coordination of humanitarian response. 



AQLITY is committed to fostering a resilient, self-sufficient, and sustainable humanitarian ecosystem in which local actors, including local CSOs, volunteer groups, non-profit organisations, other NGOs, and local government entities, are encouraged to take leadership and participate in decision-making and implementation of humanitarian aid. 







We offer tailored capacity-building to local actors, government emergency services, volunteer networks, NGOs, CSOs, charities by providing them free training on core humanitarian topics such as Humanitarian Project Cycle Management, Data Collection and MEAL, Safety and Security Minimum Standards.

Moreover, we assist local entities in elevating their duty of care standards and facilitating access to institutional funds, ensuring sustainable growth.

This holistic approach not only strengthens the organizational capacity but also empowers local entities to drive meaningful change within their communities.


AQLITY develops free, user-friendly operation and management systems that are transferrable across organisations and contexts and ensure the minimum required standards of compliance for the effective delivery of humanitarian assistance. 


These systems will be accessible to local actors, government emergency services, volunteer networks, NGOs, CSOs, and charities both in Ireland and on a global scale. 


Providing organisations with concrete tools for successful management of humanitarian aid delivery is complementary to our Capacity Building activity as it further enhances their internal capacities and enables them to align with international standards for the administration of humanitarian funding. 

Our secure online platform and application enable registered organisations (donors, government agencies, INGOs and local NGOs) to access information and resources related to AQLITY’s services.  Partners are able to access AQLITY's training materials, templates, data, publications, online webinars and partners' contact details.


This collaborative space fosters information sharing among key humanitarian stakeholders, prompts new partnerships, contributes to reducing duplication, and ensures that aid is delivered with an increased degree of accountability, efficiency, and quality.

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AQLITY strives to bridge the gaps in humanitarian response that hinder the efficient delivery of humanitarian assistance. These gaps are related to the following challenges: lack of reliable real-time data on populations’ needs, insufficient knowledge of local actors and their capacities and poor coordination and information sharing about the assistance provided. 






Our tailored needs assessments tackle the challenges of timely access to critical information and subsequent aid delivery to the communities.


Focusing on vital areas like food, water, sanitation, hygiene and financial needs, our assessments yield real-time data across dynamic contexts.

By understanding the unique needs of hard-to-reach areas, we empower aid organizations to craft precise, evidence-based, and data-driven interventions and prompt efficient last-mile delivery while enhancing the overall accountability and impact of humanitarian assistance.



AQLITY takes the lead in identifying and vetting reliable local stakeholders (CSOs, Volunteer Networks, NGOs) operating in challenging terrains.

Our comprehensive assessment provides information on stakeholders’ capacities per operational area (admin, finance, project management), creating a roadmap for capacity development.

Mapping local partners, we amplify the reach of aid efforts and promote transparent collaboration between international organizations, donors, and local entities.

To ensure coordinated humanitarian assistance, AQLITY Country teams will strive to establish local humanitarian coordination hubs. These hubs, also called Integrated Service Points (ISPs) will serve as safe havens for the crisis-affected populations while ensuring prompt delivery of critical emergency and humanitarian assistance. 


The ISPs may be used as community hubs, as well as aid centres, depending on the needs of the respective community. Both local and international organisation might register to provide their services using one of AQLITY’s ISPs. We will always aim for each ISP to have such combination of humanitarian actors with available resources as to cover the entire spectrum of basic human needs. All ISP locations will be transparently shared with vetted and registered organisations.


As part of the services provided within each ISP, AQLITY will run a virtual legal aid clinics to assist individuals in need of legal assistance who are facing physical or other barriers to accessing legal services. 


AQLITY thrives in the challenging terrain of humanitarian crises, particularly in human-made conflicts and hard-to-reach areas. Our expertise lies in access negotiation, ensuring that vital data reaches underserved populations. Beyond our immediate impact, AQLITY is dedicated to sharing valuable data with NGOs, organizations, and government entities, fostering collaboration for a collective, positive influence.


Born as an informal initiative in 2018, AQLITY undertook pilot projects in Iraq, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, and Ukraine, paving the way for our independent registration. Currently, our primary focus areas include Ukraine and the Sahel, where we channel our efforts to bridge critical data gaps. AQLITY's Emergency Response Team is poised to deploy immediately to any new crises where data is needed. Get in touch if you believe AQLITY's expertise can make a difference in the context you are working in.


Our headquarters and official registration proudly call Dublin, Ireland, home. AQLITY operates as an Irish Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG), aligning with the typical registration format for charitable organisations in Ireland. 


Rather than centralising our operations in a traditional office setting, AQLITY embraces a decentralized approach. Our dedicated compliance and governance team, based in Ireland, ensures that we adhere to the highest industry standards, guaranteeing the integrity of our work.


We believe in empowering our teams on the ground, strategically positioned in-country offices, to maximize their impact in the communities we serve. This decentralized model aligns with our philosophy of fostering genuine connections and understanding in the regions where we operate, allowing us to respond swiftly and effectively to the unique challenges presented by each context.


AQLITY operates on three core principles that are integral to everything we do - Agility, Accountability, and Quality.


Agility is the cornerstone of our mission, strategy, and vision as we strive to be the first ones on the ground in emergency situations and gather critical data enabling immediate evidence-based delivery of humanitarian aid. We are constantly optimising our services and tools to adapt promptly to the ever-changing landscape. 


Accountability is at the heart of our work. By enabling organisations to design data-driven and evidence-based programming, we contribute to increasing their accountability towards affected populations.  Our focus on transparency and measurable impact ensures that resources are utilised responsibly and with maximum efficiency. 


Quality is our key priority, and we always strive to achieve the best possible outcome regardless of the precarious circumstances. We are committed to excellence in operations and ensure that every intervention is impactful and dignified. 

How you can support our work?

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