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Aqlity's Milestone: Charting a New Course as an Independent NGO

In a significant development, Aqlity, once an initiative within international NGOs, is now taking a leap towards independence by registering in Ireland as a Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG) and seeking charitable status. This strategic move marks a pivotal moment in Aqlity's journey, transitioning from being part of larger organizations to standing as an independent entity dedicated to making a positive impact in the humanitarian sector.

Aqlity's Evolution: From Initiative to Independence

Aqlity as an initiative has always been at the forefront of leveraging data-driven technologies to enhance the efficiency and quality of humanitarian aid. Its roots within international NGOs have provided a robust foundation, allowing it to evolve and refine its approach to meet the ever-changing landscape of global challenges. Now, as it steps into the realm of independence, Aqlity is poised to chart a new course, furthering its commitment to agile, quality, and accountable aid delivery.

A Charitable Endeavor: Seeking Charitable Status in Ireland

One of the key milestones in this journey involves Aqlity seeking charitable status, reaching adopting the Charities Regulator Governance Code, The Triple Lock Standard, Governance Code for the Community and Voluntary Sector, and The Dóchas Guide on Ethical Communications. This move not only underscores the organization's dedication to making a positive difference but also positions it to access additional resources and support to amplify its impact. Charitable status opens doors to collaborations, grants, and partnerships that can fuel Aqlity's mission to revolutionize humanitarian aid delivery.

Looking Ahead: Aqlity's Commitment to Independence

The decision to register as a CLG and seek charitable status is not just a legal formality for Aqlity; it represents a commitment to independence, innovation, and sustained impact. As an independent organization, Aqlity gains the autonomy to steer its own course, responding nimbly to emerging challenges and tailoring its approach to best serve the needs of the communities it aims to assist.

Excitement and Collaboration: Aqlity's Future with Partners

Aqlity is not embarking on this journey alone; it eagerly anticipates collaborating with partners who share its vision for a world where every individual has access to quality assistance and care. The move towards independence opens up new avenues for partnerships, fostering a collaborative ecosystem where expertise, resources, and innovative solutions can be shared for the greater good.

Aqlity's Core Principles: Agility, Accountability, Quality

As Aqlity strides into this new phase, it remains anchored in its core principles: Agility, Accountability, and Quality. These principles have been the guiding force behind Aqlity's work, ensuring swift responses in emergencies, elevating accountability within humanitarian interventions, and prioritizing quality programming for impactful outcomes.

Join Us on this Journey: Together Towards a Better Future

As Aqlity takes this significant step towards independence, it invites you to join in the journey. Whether you're a potential partner, a supporter, or someone passionate about the intersection of technology and humanitarian aid, Aqlity welcomes you to be a part of its transformative story.

In the coming months and years, Aqlity looks forward to making an even more profound impact, driven by its commitment to innovation, independence, and, most importantly, the well-being of those in need. Together, let's navigate this new chapter and work towards a future where humanitarian aid is more agile, accountable, and of the highest quality.

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